​​Over The Rainbow, LLC

OTR  clinicians have been leaders in implementing and creating new systems of change in programs to address the unmet needs of clients while supervising treatment teams (clinicians, MA student interns, and direct care staff).  In leading treatment teams, Jennifer and Sarah have always made concerted efforts in assessing the team’s needs, advocating for, and creating positive work environments. 

OTR offers day, evening, and weekend appointments to be flexible with our client's life schedules.  We begin with an intake assessment appointment to decide what best fits your needs. At this time we have 6 clinicians with varied times available. When there are no current appointments available we are more than happy to refer you to another clinician in the area that we have worked closely with or you are welcome to be added to OTR's  wait list until a clinician atOTR  is available.

​***Are you on our waiting list (if we currently have one)? Please feel free to email and check in.  We go through our list based on times and days needed and clinician available in the order we receive inquiries.  When a spot opens that meets your needs and you are next on the list we send you an email and/or call to see if you are still interested.***


Sarah Farnaby PsyD, LPC, LCPC and 

Jennifer Fuentes MS, LPC are the owners of Over the Rainbow, LLC counseling and support services.  Jennifer and Sarah have over 25 years combined experience working with a range of clinical focus and experience specializing in work with survivors of trauma (domestic violence, sexual, physical abuse and neglect, sexual assault, community violence, natural disaster, law enforcement work trauma, etc) in a wide array of settings.  

Sarah and Jennifer have specialized training in the integration of theoretical approaches to address Trauma and Attachment issues with a focus on affect regulation paired with effective relaxation tools. They both also have training and experience with the use of various approaches including: TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and FFT (Functional Family Therapy) with those overcoming trauma and adapt techniques to each person's needs.

Both women have worked clinically with juvenile court systems and local law enforcement and social service agencies.  Within their work with law enforcement they have provided clinical support services to law enforcement and their families as well as other first responders. Both Sarah and Jennifer have been volunteers with their local Disaster Response Mental Health Teams.  Both integrate into their treatment numerous modalities by integrating play, art, therapeutic journaling, cognitive behavioral technique, and more based on the client’s assessed needs, presenting concerns and learning styles. 

Throughout their careers, Sarah and Jennifer have held the belief that community education and outreach is a vehicle of change.  Thus they have provided multiple community trainings throughout their careers for a variety of service providers and criminal justice employees.  They also contract with other clinical teams in multiple settings integrating services and styles of treatment and providing clinical supervision for graduate clinicians and professional counselors seeking licensure.  

OTR chooses clinicians to join our team who have extensive experience in the areas  OTR specializes in and have been supervised and/or trained by or worked closely with Sarah and Jennifer


Interested in joining the OTR Team? 

We are seeking additional part time licensed committed clinical staff! If you have experience in a wide variety of trauma treatment populations and general practice get in touch with us!

For more information please send inquiries to: OTR@overtherainbowllc.com 


Jennifer Fuentes, MS, LPC (Owner and Clinician)
Sarah Farnaby, PsyD, LPC, LCPC (Owner and Clinician)
Jeremy Hube, MA, LPC (Part-Time Clinician)
Jack Werstein, MA, CMHC, LPC (Part-Time Clinician)
Simona Efanov, Psy.D, LCP (Part-Time Clinician)
Melanie Flossman, MSW, MPA, LCSW (Part-Time Clinician)


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and the services we provide.

We are Over the Rainbow, LLC Counseling and Support Services.
  OTR is a private practice located conveniently in NW Washington, DC and Old Town Alexandria, VA.  OTR is metro accessible and in a safe and confidential locations. 

The mission of OTR is to provide ethical and professional clinical services to all our clients. 

OTR’s commitment to our clients is to empower, support, and guide them on a journey of healing and growth.

OTR believes that to provide the best treatment clinicians should be flexible and diverse in their therapeutic approach.