​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​OTR offers a wide variety of services. 

Please find below a general list of our services and summary of fees.

(All our fees and services can be flexible to your needs and financial limitations.

We accept various insurance plans)

***OTR often has a wait for next availability. Please be aware that you may not always be able to acquire an appointment.*** 


Individual Therapy (individual clinical sessions for adolescents and adults)-150$ per session

  • Each clinician has a specific background and we aim to provide the best match for your treatment
  • Please indicate if the following areas are a specialty you need in order for us to provide more intake information:
    • All those who are Law Enforcement/First Responders/Public Safety of any type. 
    • Frontline Healthcare Workers 
    • Humanitarian Workers and Military Personnel in between assignments or deploying in the near future. 
    • If you have recently experienced a sexual assault, domestic violence, or violence of any type. 

* TELEHEALTH SERVICES: We implemented telehealth services covered by insurance during COVID 19 and will continue to offer this service unless insurance companies no longer cover this option. We use HIPAA compliant platforms for a secure connection.

*FIRST RESPONDER WELLNESS PROGRAM (FRWP) (currently Old Town Alexandria office or Virtual, DC upon request):

  • Free group or individual psychological wellness consultation/check in with an OTR team member on site or virtually. 
  • Our FRWP allows for First Responders (LEO local and federal, EMT/EMS, Fire, Emergency Response/Rescue) to CONFIDENTIALLY contact us for a wellness check in or just stop by the office and check in free of charge.  
  • Emergency debrief or wellness services for departments after a critical inicident. 
  • Support for Roll Call/Agency Peer Support Meetings
  • Contact our Admin email (OTR@overtherainbowllc.com), contact Dr. Sarah Farnaby or Jennifer Fuentes directly or please stop by the Old Town office. 

* PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING/EVALUATION: OTR does not offer formal psychological testing assessment and evalution unless under special circumstances discussed and approved by the team. We DO NOT provide court evaluations, Fitness for Duty Evalutions, LE Candidate Evaluations, & we no longer provide Workers Compensation Evalutions as these are separate roles involving outside agencies very different from ongoing therapy treatment. We do have immigration evaluation assessment for special cases referred realted to trauma; please inquire directly (Everlis Bernal & Jennifer Fuentes, MS, LPC). 

* CONSULTATION: OTR staff can provide consultation for agencies and individuals in reviewing cases, providing a clinical support and perspective for various populations and topics related to our backgrounds, aiding in clinical team needs, peer support clinical coordination for law enforcement, and clinical development of programs and building an ethical private practice with integrity. (fees are negotiated)

​​* Couples Therapy (WE ARE LIMITED in AVAILABILITY FOR COUPLES THERAPY AT THIS TIME and we do not provide divorce mediation)-$160

  • Couples Counseling for Law Enforcement/First Responders/Public Safety with Dr. Sarah Farnaby
  • General Couples Counseling and Couples Counseling for Law Enforcement/First Responders with Melanie Flossman, MSW, MPA LCSW and Iwona Tanen, MA, RiC, LGPC.
  • There is limited availability for couples therapy. 

* Group Therapy: Please contact us about current groups being offered at both offices.  

  • Individual group member charges vary based on the type of clinical treatment group. 
  • ​FRWP meetings/debriefings available
  • ​Yoga with Iwona Tanen, MA, RiC, LGPC (First Responders, Military, Spouses) Upon request
  • Site contracted flat rates negotiated for groups held off-site
  • June 2024 First Responder Spouse/Significant Other/Family Group:


Clinical Supervision for Licensure for Professional Counselors of VA, MD, and DC (MA/MS) and post-grads-$85 per session (We are also a Maryland LCPC Approved Supervisor)

Workshops: Various psychoeducational topics, such as Stress Management, PTSD, & First Responder Mental Wellness presented by OTR staff. 
 * Professional Case Consultation is also available with negotiable fees. 

Community Education events (contractual trainings as requested by service providers, government   employees, and community organizations) will be a to be determined charge with all fees being negotiable


*Sliding Scale is considered on a case by case basis upon request and based on current reimbursement rates of healthcare plans and income

Current Healthcare Plans Accepted: 
Aetna, Carefirst/BCBS, CIGNA, & TricareEast/Humana (EAP sessions under the listed health plans we are already providers for)

(If you are a Tricare Referral please provide your authorization and be aware that there may still be a wait for next availability.)

  • We recommend you check with your health care plan on changes and coverage.
  • Although we may accept your plan you may have a deductible to meet requiring you to pay the healthcare plan reimbursement rate of services in full until your deductible is met.  Co-pays also vary depending on your plan.
  • Also many plans are complex and may not cover mental health services or utilize subsidies for the mental health coverage. 


Credit Cards and Personal Checks accepted. 



S. Farnaby

​​​​​​​Over The Rainbow, LLC